Tim's Rock Shop Features Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Brazilian Geodes, Petrified wood, Agate, Fossils, Healing Crystals

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In Our Rock Shop, You will find:

Amethyst crystals, amethyst cathedrals and amethyst clusters, direct from the mines in Brazil.  Brazilian geodes, quartz crystals and healing crystals from around the world. Coming soon, from Uruguay, spectacular dark purple amethyst.  Click on a picture or link to go to that category in the store!

Petrified Wood New!! From Indonesia!!! Visually exciting because of recognizable features like rings, wood grain. Hand polished, cut base gorgeous pieces Amethyst Cathedrals Just in from the mines! New arrivals come in randomly at anytime. These cathedrals have uncommon color! Brazilian Geodes Fantastic color, visually appealing, great value!


Dinosaur Bones and copralite or "poop" up to 250 million years old from Southern Utah. Own a piece of the Triassic period today!


Specialty Minerals we are getting new and exciting pieces all the time. If you want to expand your collection check here. Amazonite now! Coming soon tumbled stones in sets, and individual pieces. Quartz Crystals  Good variety in wide price range. Quartz crystals are dramatic display pieces and the most desired for the metaphysical crowd!.